Find the Source. Clean It Up.

For the past week, I've been waging a battle of sorts against the leaves that have blown into my garage.  I'd sweep the leaves into the driveway, close the garage door, and then resent how the wind, eddy-like, would capture the leaves and deposit them right back into my garage. 

Clearly, my cleaning methods were just perpetuating the mess and moving it to a new location, so I made it my mission to actually dispose of the leaves instead of scattering them with idealistic hopes that they wouldn't return.

Funny how a problem stops being a problem when you get to the source.  Funny, too, how one battle with pesky leaves reminded me that this isn't just a lesson about leaves.

When I look at other problems in my life, it's evident that topical treatments often aren't enough.  God doesn't just want me to sweep the junk out of my life only to let it blow right back in. 

I look over my garage floor, now orderly and clean, and realize that it only got that way because the problem was dealt with, not brushed aside.

This morning, I thought of those leaves as I prayed.  Lord, get to the root.  Find the source of those messy areas in my life.  Clean me up.

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  1. Love it! You need to write a devotional book - you and Chris from The Mom Cafe! It would be wonderful~

  2. Oh my goodness. I read this and I was thinking, hmmm, God is my "junk" my blog. Been really contemplating this today.

    I just read Lisa's comment and chuckled too. My mom told me the exact same thing. Start writing all about God and do a devotional.

    This is lovely Robin and such a good metaphor to apply to our lives.

    Wishing you blessings my friend.


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