Spring Break Is In the Air

Spring may not be in the air (at least, not yet, given that it's only 25 degrees here), but I'm delighted to report that Spring Break is!  Today marks the last day of classes before our University's week-long respite.  A celebratory vibe permeates campus; the promise of rest and relaxation is right around the corner.

My excitement runs even deeper, though.  For the past eleven years, my husband, Joel, has led students on a Spring Break mission trip for his job as a campus minister, but this year he's transferred the reigns to younger campus staff members and he'll spend the week with us, instead.

It gets better: my birthday always falls during Spring Break, so this year Joel will be with me in person to celebrate.  (The last time he was with my on my birthday, I turned 24.  Just one of the many reasons why I'm perpetually youthful in his eyes: for over a decade, he's never officially seen me age!)

In years past during Spring Break, my children have simultaneously combusted into kids-who-have-the-stomach-flu-and-must-be-followed-with-a-can-of-Lysol.  We've survived all-night vomiting episodes and epic amounts of soiled sheets and laundry.  I'm making a bold declaration, proclaiming from the rooftops: not this year

In years past during Spring Break, we've spent our days bouncing off the walls and shoveling the driveway as one final aggressive snowstorm made its mark and dropped unwelcome inches.  Shout it out with me: not this year!

In most regards, during years past Spring Break has been neither spring-y or break-ish.  But this stops now.  This year, we'll be together and we've got plans.

In light of this, I want to share that I'll temporarily be going off the grid -- no blogging or emailing for the week.  I have ten days to spend with the people most precious to me, and I'm going to make the most of every one of them, sans screen time.  (It's good to unplug every once in a while, eh?)

In the interim, enjoy the extra daylight and be blessed.  May spring be in the air for you!

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  1. Woohoo! How exciting. Enjoy the time with your loved ones Robin... and wishing you a very happy birthday (and many blessings in the year to come).

  2. Chris CarterMarch 10, 2014

    YAY!!! I am SO excited for you to spend those precious ten days with the people who mean the MOST to you!!! Embrace that time my friend...

    And now you can turn 25 with your hubs right there with ya! LOL


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