Focus on Fashion: Breaking Out the Blazers

Each year, there's a point when I weakly curl into myself and lament winter's insistence on continuing.  Yesterday marked that point. 

I didn't feel this way because the day was exceptionally cold.  In fact, the thermostat climbed to 20 degrees, which felt temperate given the recent plunges into the sub-zero realm.  And it wasn't because we amassed close to ten inches of snow on top of the snow that hadn't yet melted after last week's storm.

No, my winter-weariness came when I looked at my boots -- those salt-stained, slush-covered winter boots -- as they sat in a small puddle beside the door to my garage. 

Oh, winter boots, I'm over you.  A break-up would be cruel on Valentine's Day, but if I could, I'd end our ongoing relationship and replace you with cute flats, strappy sandals, or the carefree pleasure of bare feet.

It's not just the boots; my entire winter wardrobe has become predictably layered and utilitarian, which is why it's high-time for me to officially launch a new blog series called Focus on Fashion that'll run each Friday during February.  (High five for alliteration, eh?) 

As a preface, I must mention that I love bargains.  I buy a good portion of my clothes on clearance and at resale shops, but there's one rule that I adhere to firmly:

Don't settle.

I used to buy clothes based on the attractiveness of the price tag instead of the attractiveness of the garment.  Sure, a shirt for $2.99 seems enticing, but it's only useful if you'll actually wear it.  While trying on clothing in the fitting room, if you shrug at your reflection and think, "I guess that'll do," then hold off on that purchase.

When I shop now, I look for items that will meet a need in my wardrobe and make me feel pulled together.  I'm a jeans and tee-shirt girl at heart, so I play off this even while dressing for work.  Over the last year, I've picked up a few blazers that add either a pop of color or professionalism.

Start with the basics: white tee shirt and jeans.

Then instantly dress up the look with a polished blazer and a statement necklace.

You also could add a splash of color and a punchy pendant.  (If you're wondering what I'm looking at on my ceiling, I don't know.  A bug?  A Barbie dangling from the light fixture?  It's a mystery.)

What about you?  Are you bored with your winter wardrobe and ready to break up with your snow boots?  (See you next Friday for another Focus on Fashion post!)

For the curious sort:
White tee shirt: Loft (purchased on sale for $6)
Jeans (top and middle pictures): American Rag (purchased close to ten years ago for $20)

Jeans (bottom picture): Loft (purchased on sale for $9.99)
Gray Blazer: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker (purchased at a resale shop for $8)
Fuchsia Blazer: Express (purchased at a resale shop for $12)

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  1. What resale places do you generally shop at? I don't always have the patience required for picking through things.

  2. You can still fit in jeans you bought TEN years ago, before you had three children? And they haven't been stained beyond belief? (My dumbfound-ness is why I will never, EVER have a Focus on Fashion segment on my blog.)

  3. Erica, despite being in my mid-thirties, I'm a huge fan of Plato's Closet. I live in a university town, so we have a 40K+ population of students here who frequently are buying/selling their clothes. I've totally capitalized on this!
    There's a decent amount of teenage clothes that are much too young for me, but there's also a lot of styles/brands that that are still great -- ones that I'd never pay full price for, but I'm delighted to pick up on clearance!

  4. I just love you.
    As for those jeans, well, it's a happy mystery that they're not stained. They've been washed a gazillion times over the years, so the color has faded, but they're still my go-to comfortable pair. They're probably magical.

  5. So cute and stylish! I love how blazers can give a boost to almost any outfit. I can't pull off a white t-shirt though.

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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