Do What's Most Important. Now. Really.

It's almost midnight.  I normally don't start writing a blog post at this hour, but I wanted to capture something that might get lost in the hustle of tomorrow.

Today, I had great intentions of exercising before church.  I didn't, though, because I needed to spend individual time with one of my daughters who's been going though a rough time.  We talked together for a half hour while lying in her bed.

Today, I had great intentions of grading 15 more assignments.  I didn't, though, because I spent the afternoon with my family before friends joined us for dinner.  We worked on valentines and then had a wonderful meal.

Today, I had great intentions of writing an important blog post.  I didn't write that post, though, because I was too busy living. 

No, today I didn't exercise, grade as many assignments as I wanted, or write that important blog post.

I wrote this post instead.  It's probably better.

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  1. This is lovely and so true. We have to live first don't we?! I did a lot of that unintended activity this weekend. It was nice.

  2. The exercise, the assignments, and the blog will still be there tomorrow, but those moments will not. :-)

  3. Awesome. Just awesome. I love you, lady.

  4. This is why I LOVE your posts! Thank you for this one!


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