A Solution for Floppy Boots -- plus, a clean closet.

One good result of the recent polar vortex is that I've tried to combat my winter-weary-blahs with small, productive house projects.  I've brought color indoors with crepe paper orbs in my daughters' bedroom.  I've made versatile, easy, and inexpensive wood hoop wall art.  I've organized my laundry room.

Admittedly, these DIY activities are merely distractions to keep me from doing what I actually want to be doing when temperatures plunge into single digits, which is to lazily alternate between sleeping and eating my body weight in carbs.

Regardless, I pressed on to finish the final task on my to-do list: cleaning my closet.  My husband, good sport that he is, agreed to weed through his clothes alongside of me, and together we purged the items that have passed their prime. 

Four bags, which are destined for Goodwill, stand as a testament to our success.  It's a closet veni, vidi, vici.  Take that, outdated garments.  We came, we saw, we conquered.

In addition to creating more space along the clothes rod, I finally solved the problem of floppy boots.  If you own tall boots that slump when you'd prefer them to stand, you know what I'm talking about. 

For one pair, I repurposed short segments of a pool noodle that my daughters had destroyed this summer. 

For my second pair of boots, I simply broke down a shoebox into two sections and duct-taped them into rolls.  You could achieve the same results by rolling up magazines or newspapers and securing them with a rubber band, or fortifying empty paper towel or wrapping paper tubes.

Simple as pie.

Of course, my daughters entered the closet as I was getting dressed one morning and immediately noticed the pool noodles and cardboard rolls, which to them had nothing to do with boots and everything to do with an invitation to battle. 

The resulting skirmish spilled from the closet into the bedroom, spanned the terrain of hallway and staircase, and involved much shouting and a few tears.
Like I said: closet veni, vedi, vici

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  1. You have inspired me to clean my closet this weekend!

  2. Awesome to hear! All of my OCD tendencies are rejoicing with you at this very moment! :)


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