A Heaping Serving of Cold, with a side of cold.

I'm growing weary with headlines such as "Relentless Surges of Arctic Air Continue." Despite its depressing content, this map made me chuckle.  (Let it be known that it was a shallow, it's-really-not-that-funny kind of a chuckle.)

We're in it together, at least.  (Readers in New England, how are you fairing?  Midwesterners, you're made of tough stock, but are you hanging in there?  My Southern peeps, are you holding up?)

I've brainstormed a list of good things that come from an arctic blast:
  1. It could be useful for smoking cessation.  I mean, if I had to take my cigarette break outside on a day that was negative five degrees, I'd consider breaking up with my pack-a-day habit.
  2. It tests the mettle of men who insist on only wearing shorts in the winter.
  3. It alters perspective enough to make a 30 degree day feel downright comfortable and a 70 degree day, heavenly.
It's a pretty short list, admittedly.

What's the weather like where you are?  Can you add to my list or give tips about how you're coping with the cold?  (Better yet, anyone want to go on a vacation with me?)

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  1. Great positive things there!

    We are on a warm streak! It's 6C (which is 42.8F). Balmy considering we were -40C less than a month ago!

    Stay warm my friend.

  2. Good for you! Significantly better than -40 C! :)

  3. I'm using the cold as an opportunity to increase my coffee/tea/hot chocolate consumption.

  4. How did I overlook that one? Point for Bridget!

  5. It's really sad when you feel like you can almost go out in 30 degree weather with no coat on, because it's SO WARM. You know, compared to the minus 17 we are now acquainted with. I'm calling this Little House on the Prairie weather since I've never really seen minus 30 or 40 degree temperatures talked about outside on of those books before this winter.


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