Snow and Grading. Grading and Snow.

For the past 12 hours, my life has been consumed by two things: grading and snow.

In terms of grading, this past week I concluded my classes and parted ways with my students, and I'm now facing the weighty task of evaluating final projects and assigning final grades.  In terms of snow, today we were wallopped with a mighty storm, the type of storm that invites you to forego the unplowed roads and cuddle up on the couch instead.  (Unless you're grading, in which case you feel invited to cuddle up at the computer.)

At any rate, what I really wanted to share with you today is a few pictures.  Last night marked the Christmas banquet for my husband's campus ministry, and I baked several dozen cookies in preparation.  Get a good look at the little one's reaction.

That's my girl.

I also hoped against hope that we could secure one smashing family photo, but alas, we've demonstrated, once again, that we're incapable of simultaneously looking in the direction of the camera. 

Please tell me that your children do this, too.

I did feel pretty good about rocking this red dress and some killer heels, though.  And I felt really good about those cookies, and the candlelight Christmas caroling, and the wonderful time with the students and staff as we celebrated the near-completion of another semester together.

Plus, who knows?  Maybe next year we'll witness the Christmas miracle of an entirely focused family photo.

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  1. Cute share cookies look so yummy :)

  2. Those cookies... wow! You certainly did rock the red dress! Good for you!

    The candlelight caroling looks like it was a beautiful event.

    My family photos are AWFUL! Right now my two year old is two. Need I say anything else?! She's never looking at the camera and when she is, she usually has a scowl on her face. My oldest is going through the phase of grabbing anything near her and holding it up in front of her face for pictures. Yes, I think EVERY other family goes through this too!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. "Right now my two year old is two."
    Gosh, that sentence says it perfectly. LOVE!

  4. Eventually everyone looks at the camera at the same time. The downside is that this comes at a cost: when the little ones are old enough to look at the camera, they are also old enough to stop lisping and doing outrageous funny toddler/preschool things.
    SIgh. It's a double edged sword.


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