When (Your, You're) Homework Helper is (No, Know) Help

Dear readers, how has your week been?  I didn't intend to be absent from the blog for a week, but life got ahead of me, as life is sometimes known to do.  While I'm accustomed to balancing the demands of teaching four college classes and parenting, I've found myself tired lately. 

Thankfully, respite is on the horizon.  I have spectacular plans to get caught up on sleep, work, and a dozen odds-and-ends around the house during next week's Thanksgiving break.  (I also plan to eat regrettable amounts of turkey, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, and cinnamon sugar pie crust cookie, but that almost goes without saying.)

But I didn't start this blog post to tell you about my work or the Thanksgiving delectables I've been dreaming about.  Instead, I wanted to tell you about my eight-year-old's homework assignment that I recently found crammed in her backpack.

She's a really smart kid who occasionally rushes through assignments.  Case in point with this exercise on identifying homophones:

Later that night, I saw my husband at the counter with the worksheet in his hand and a smile on his face.  He shook his head, looked at me, and laughed, "The really bad thing is that I checked this for her."

Sometimes, it turns out, {your, you're} homework helper is {no, know} help at all.

Obviously, we need to issue a fair warning to our children regarding our skill sets.  If it involves math, go to dad.  If it involves language, go to mom.

(As a shout-out to any fellow language geeks out there, here's a homonym game for you.  It's always the other one!)

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  1. Omg funny but not funny yet so true sometimes even we as parents need refresher courses :) thanks for share

  2. Too funny! My oldest and I were just exploring to, too, and two. She thought I was making it up... completely didn't get it.

    LOVE the 30 Rock clip. Hilarious.

    Even though we already had our Thanksgiving last month, I could go for round 2. I guess I'll have to wait for Christmas to have my turkey fix.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Get My Mom a JobNovember 20, 2013

    That really is funny and made me laugh quite a bit. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. I feel for kids who have to learn these language rules that aren't intuitive! English is complex! If I were a little kid, I'd think that adults were making up the to, too, and two differences, too!

    By they way, feel fully entitled to celebrate another Thanksgiving meal in honor of your friends in the US!

  5. And this is precisely why I need a refresher in 3rd grade math....


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