Showers of Blessings

Earlier this afternoon, I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend of mine. She's expecting her first baby, a girl. It feels like a different life when I sat in her place, opening packages and examining various pieces of baby paraphernalia that I assumed I would probably need, even if I didn't know their purpose at that point in time

An amazing journey lies ahead of her.

What warmed my heart the most, besides the cupcakes with hot pink icing, was the outpouring of diverse support: the friends who traveled from out of town, the college girls who pitched together to buy a gift, the young moms and the older grandmothers in attendance.

We're not alone in motherhood. We've got community to draw upon -- some following behind us cheering us on; some keeping our same pace, and others farther ahead serving as examples.

Thank God for the support and love that surrounds us, regardless of where we are in our journeys.


  1. Hey there! I just love your blog.. the way you write allows me to feel like I am not alone in my parenting journey! This post reminds me of the excitement and anxiousness that can come from expecting a new baby. Family and friends truly makes all of the difference for I feel a baby shower is a shower of love.

  2. Thanks so much for chiming in, Kate! It's a pleasure to "meet" you!

  3. Andrea NicoleOctober 28, 2013

    Hey! Super adorable, you did great! Those cupcakes look awesome!!

  4. That's the lovely part of motherhood, is it is a shared journey that we can support each other through. We have so much to offer one another.

    Looks like a lovely event. Great work Robin!


  5. Thanks so much! My friend (who is much more detail-oriented than I am) iced them for me. But I bought the icing and baked the cupcakes, so I'll take half credit here. :)


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