Earlier this week, I completed the semi-annual task of rotating the girls' clothes for the upcoming season. I've always loved this chore because, essentially, it deals with closet organization. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know how I feel about a well-organized closet. (If you're new here, I can sum up this relationship in three simple words: torrid love affair.)

That being said, my five-year-old obviously noticed the new cool-weather additions to her wardrobe.  I know this because yesterday when she stepped off the school bus after spending a full day at kindergarten, she was wearing this:

You know you're seasonally premature when you beat Wal-Mart to the punch with a Christmas display.

Wow, do I ever love this kid.

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  1. I cannot believe you actually enjoy this chore. It is my 10th least favorite thing to do in the entire world- and I'm forced to do it twice a year. Not only do I have to force resistant children into trying on clothes for hours, but I inevitably do this task too early or too late. There is no winning here for me.
    When I win the lottery I will pay you large amount of money to come do this task for me.

  2. Yes, timing is essential when rotating seasonal clothes. Obviously, I failed here by pulling out the Christmas dress too early and daring to hang it in the closet, which clearly signifies to a kid that it's fair game to add the dress to the regular wardrobe rotation.

    I would gladly help you with this chore, and then we can have Chinese food afterward...

  3. Ha ha! How awesome was that. You must say, it is a lovely dress!

    I like to rotate my kid's clothes too. Although I get teary when they've outgrown things. I reminisce when they were little, get sentimental, and cry.

    Thanks for sharing and congrats on yet another post... you're doing great Robin!

  4. smoothstonesOctober 17, 2013


    I did that this week, too. I enjoy it more than I used to because--now that I know all my kids are here--I can purge too-small items from #3 and #4 with every season.

  5. Mari CoronaOctober 18, 2013

    Cute share made me laugh and smile ! :)


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