Introduction to 31 Days of Everyday Awesomeness

The challenge is to write on one topic, each and every day, for the entire month. 

Here's the rub: I'm not the type of person who gravitates toward "just one" topic.  You might consider it a fear of thematic commitment.  I've never thrown a themed birthday party or planned a themed meal.  I've never collected themed decorations, built a themed wardrobe, or adhered to tightly interwoven themed interests.

Even so, my three years of blogging at Pink Dryer Lint have consistently reflected one overarching theme: observing and embracing the ordinary moments in motherhood and life. 

Think of the blog like a well-balanced dish with sides of humor, faith, and incidental observations.  Or, like a scattered smorgasbord that's thrown together like a last-minute dinner but helps to clean out the fridge.  Either way, I invite you to prepare for my thirty-one day blogging blitz, one that will be loosely structured around the malleable theme of everyday awesomeness.

By joining this challenge, I'm making a commitment to pay attention to my own life.  To be intentional.  To dismount the whip, slow down, and regain my bearings.  Some posts will unfold leisurely like a fine dining experience; others will reflect more simple, bite-sized portions.  (Ketchup on the side is optional.)

Come daily, and come hungry.  I'm excited for what will unfold, and I welcome you to share the experience with me!

In the spirit of archival accuracy (yay, archiving!), each subsequent post in the 2013 Thirty-One Day Experience will be listed and linked below.

Day 01: Introduction to 31 Days of Everyday Awesomeness.
Day 02: Busy, and not proud of it.
Day 03: They Talk. And Talk. And Talk.
Day 04: Battles They Have to Fight
Day 05: Ships in the Night
Day 06: Getting Ready for Grandparents
Day 07: Even computer wires benefit from some modesty.
Day 08: Think About and Emulate
Day 09: Nature's Most Exquisite Act
Day 10: Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time
Day 11: My House Normally Doesn't Look Like This
Day 12: Homecoming: On Being a Tourist in Your Own Town
Day 13: The Simple Pleasures of a Fall Afternoon
Day 14: Accountability Works for Me
Day 15: I Had Forgotten
Day 16: Fried Rice is an Invasive Species
Day 17: Premature
Day 18: Whether Your Burden Be Heavy or Light
Day 19: A Winning Combination
Day 20: What I Most Want My Children to Learn
Day 21: The Winner: Hello Kitty Bingo
Day 22: What Could I Accomplish If I Didn't Fritter?
Day 23: Preparing for the Dryness
Day 24: The Injustice of Justice
Day 25: First Lost Tooth
Day 26: Showers of Blessings
Day 27: My Relationship with Running: An Adolescent Romance
Day 28: Casting Cares
Day 29: Cropping Life
Day 30: We Finally Got It Right at 8:05 p.m.
Day 31: The End of 31 Days, But Not the End of Awesome

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  1. Good for you! I saw another blogger who was taking on the challenge this month. I'm not sure I could do it! Good luck and I look forward to reading!! :-)

  2. We should go out to dinner sometime. Too bad you live in Canada.
    I'm hoping that I can deliver, too! (nervous laughter...)

  3. I have always bypassed the idea, but lo and behold, hot on the heels of my sparsest blogging month in the past three years, I'm taking the plunge.
    Thanks for reading along!


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