Casting Cares

Cast your cares on the Lord, and He will sustain you.  This is the promise of Psalm 55:22.  I've been meditating on the word cast, which means to throw with force, to drop, or to shed.

My husband and I are friends with a fly fisherman.  His mornings on the stream are repetitive exercises of casting out and reeling in his line.  Out and in, out and in, out and in.  A fisherman never casts just once.

Our God is gracious and patient.  We can approach him and forcefully throw our cares his way, hurling them, shedding their weight.  If we're prone to reel our fears and worries back, we may need re-cast them, perhaps multiple times any given day.  Again and again, we can cast our cares until we finally reel in something good, until the end of our line has caught peace, not emptiness or disappointment.

Today, I choose to cast my cares upon the Lord.  Let 'em go.  Hurl them.  Shed them.  Toss them forcefully.  In return, He sustains me.

What a beautiful exchange.
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  1. So many times when I go to cast my care upon the Lord, I start micromanaging. "Okay, you take this worry- but be careful with it please, while I'll hold on to this and this and this." Which is rather ridiculous.
    I think true humility for me is recognizing and believing that God will handle my burdens far more gracefully than I ever could and then simply letting Him do it. So easy for me to type, so hard for me to actually do.

  2. Oh wow Robin. I love this scripture and you've shown it in a whole new light. I never thought about the repeated casting before. Thank you!

    Congrats on coming so far on your blogging challenge! You've done an amazing job!

    Blessings to you my friend.

  3. I've appreciated your continual encouragement so much, Jennifer!

  4. That's a triple AMEN, if you didn't catch that.

  5. Thanks. I need this reminder now...


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