Recounting the Simple Pleasures. Like Broken Vending Machines.

It's good to recount life's simple pleasures.  Let me tell you two totally fickle, yet immensely satisfying, good moments that happened to me yesterday.

One, I entered a contest on Facebook for a local resale shop by answering what clothing item I'm most eager to wear now that it's fall.  (Boots, hands down.  Or, would it be "feet" down?  I digress.)  At any rate, my entry was selected and I won a twenty-five dollar gift certificate for typing "boots."  That's five bucks a letter, people!

Two, after teaching my classes, I stopped by the vending machine to purchase a soda.  Yes, I know that the sugar content is egregious and that the calories are empty, but as a non-coffee drinker, an occasional soda is my sole source of caffeine, and therefore, a necessary evil.  Drink it and enjoy.

When I selected what I wanted, the vending machine dropped down not one, but two bottles of Cherry Pepsi.  Sweetness doubled! 

My eight-year-old, ever the opportunist, has encouraged me to visit this same vending machine tomorrow -- and every day thereafter.  Maybe it's broken, she said.  Maybe you always can get two!

It feels good to delight in such unexpected, simple perks.  It reminds me of a friend's recent Facebook post: "You know your life is functioning at 100% practicality when a friend gives you a brand new vegetable peeler and you squeal and gush as if you've just won the lottery!"

Go, vegetable peeler, go, I say!

Tell me: what simple pleasures have you encountered recently?

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  1. I've been reveling in simple pleasures lately! I think I shared with you before that I'm participating in the MArgaret Feinberg Bible study, Wonderstruck. Anyway, she has space at the back of the book to record our "wonderstruck" moments. When you look for them... they're everywhere!

    The fact that my children have been sleeping in lately so I can do my Bible study work; mild fall days so that I can get my yard work done; a toddler who enjoys crawling up on my lap for snuggles; these are all simple pleasures that I've been enjoying lately.

    Thank you for sharing this Robin. It's important that we remind each other to celebrate even the smallest victories!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    PS - Cherry Pepsi? We don't have that here in Alberta :(

  2. SandraPereraSeptember 29, 2013

    Nice wrighting. Enjoy reading it. I will push my self here agin to read more like this. Cheers!


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