Girls that My Girls Can Look Up To

The last date that I went on was with my eight-year-old daughter.  Days before the school year began, I treated her to dinner at her favorite restaurant and then spent the rest of evening with her at the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour, an event that helps to connect moms and daughters and teaches girls about healthy self-image and the value that God has invested in her.

Have you ever noticed that when another respected adult speaks into the life of your child -- even if this other adult is saying exactly what you normally say -- that your child sometimes can hear this outside voice more clearly?

Despite the fact that this might make you want to slap your forehead in parental dismay, it's true.  Something clicks when kids hear their parents' messages reinforced from outside sources.  (Especially if that outside source happens to have streamers and music and skits and giant glowing beach balls and prizes launched from a stage with an over-sized slingshot, as was the case with the SKG Tour.)

One of my daughter's favorite parts of the event -- and mine, too -- was a live performance by 1 Girl Nation.  Yes, we met the girls and bought their CD at the end of the night. Yes, we've rocked out to the CD while driving around town in our minivan.  Yes, my girls have hosted dance parties with various neighborhood children who sing along and jump on our couch while the lights are turned off and a toy disco ball spins in our basement.

And yes, if you must know, I've joined them.  I've got serious moves, and I'm almost always up for a good dance party.

It's safe to say that my oldest daughter has now added "rock star" to her list of prospective careers.

What I love most about 1 Girl Nation is not just their energetic performance or catchy sound, but rather their message, which hinges on avoiding regrets and living for Jesus while you're young.  Our younger generation needs to hear this message more.  When it comes from five vibrant, friendly, and talented young women -- all of whom have some notable vocal chops -- it's a bonus.

Let's face it, if our kids look for less desirable examples and messages in pop culture, they'll find them in spades.  (Ahem, a certain recent "twerking" debacle.)  This doesn't have to be.  There are girls in the entertainment industry who our girls can look up to.

If you're a mom with young daughters, would you check if the SKG Tour will be visiting a location near you? 

It might turn out to be the best date you go on this month.
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  1. What a sweet post! You are building for your daughters precious memories and a system of values that will last them a lifetime!

  2. I've never heard of 1 Girl Nation. I'm going to look into their music because my oldest is getting into the whole pop/rock music phase. We play a lot of classics around here Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, some Beatles, etc. When it comes to Christian music, I tend to go more with praise and worship (Hillsong is a favourite).

    Thanks for the suggestion. Our children do need more positive role models.

    Blessings and have a lovely weekend.

  3. I hope that you and your daughter enjoy them, Jennifer!

  4. Sounds very interesting! I'll definitely have to look into it!

  5. Lisa, I think you and your girls would love the event if you had the chance to attend! I only went with my oldest who's eight because I thought the content would actually click with her. It seemed to be a great fit for that emerging tween/young teen audience.


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