Husking Corn and Feeling Prepared

Two bushels. 

This is the amount of corn that my in-laws and I husked, cut from the cob, and cooked this past weekend.  Have you ever seen two bushels of corn?  It's no joke, my friends.

Preparing and freezing corn is a long-standing family tradition on my husband's side.  Thanks to this, I now have a section of my freezer stocked with perfectly-portioned Ziplock bags of golden corn that I can use during the months ahead.  When winter lingers, thawing one of these is a throwback to the sweet taste of summer.

And the feeling I get when I look at that orderly pile of freezer bags?  A warm pride rises within me, making me feel like I'm kindred spirits with Laura Ingalls Wilder or pals with the Pioneer Woman.  At least in one area, I relish the sensation of being prepared. 

I may be behind in multiple areas of life right now, but not with corn.  Somehow, that seems enough for the day.

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  1. This is why I can food every summer- that feeling that I have something under control. Plus, who wouldn't want to be kindred spirits with Laura Ingalls Wilder?

  2. For the record, your canning capabilities have always impressed me.


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