Summer Reading for Moms

What if we moms could see all that we're doing -- all the creating and training and coaching and supporting and loving -- rather than dwelling on all that we're not?  What if we realized that we only need to fill our daily twenty-four hours with what we're called to do, not what we impose upon ourselves?

What if we gave ourselves grace and redefined accomplishment?

A productive day might look like a pile of books on the floor next to the couch where you read to your children for an hour, your cadence rising and falling like it has done hundreds of times before as you've turned those very same pages.  It might resemble a bunch of sweaty-headed kids who never got a bath because you caught fireflies late into a summer night.  It might be seen in a sink full of dishes after a family dinner.  It might sound like siblings apologizing to one another for the fourth time that afternoon.

Accomplishments in motherhood come in many forms, and rarely are they tidy and obvious.  Redefine accomplishment.  You'll discover that you're accomplishing an impressive amount.

Excerpt from Then I Became a Mother.  Available in Kindle and paperback editions for your summer reading pleasure!

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  1. surprise mamaJune 04, 2013

    Thank you for posting this perfect, perfect post. This is a message that we all need to internalize and remember.

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