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Due to a series of extensive house and yard projects that are languishing in various stages of incompletion, time got away from me this past week.  Happily, there's always time to report on your week if you do it in rapid-fire, headline-style fashion.  Last week on the Pink Dryer Lint Facebook page, I posted this prompt: Tell me about your week in headline style.

I asked.  You responded.  Here's a brief recap of my week -- and some of the funniest headlines that you left in FB comments:

Mom gets seven hours of sleep, still wants nap.

Woman leaves dinner dishes on table overnight, regret follows in morning.

Despite 50/50 chance, toddler puts shoes on wrong feet 75% of the time.

Child asks "What can I do?" 23 times in one afternoon, mother develops eye twitch.

New household record: only 7 Cheerios discovered stuck to kitchen floor after breakfast.

Toddler still newly potty-trained, mother nearly demolishes endcap display with cart on way to Target restroom.

Mom too tired to go buy bread, gives daughter cake in lunch instead of sandwich.  (Lisa Polley)

Mom asked to watch Wall-E for third time in week, DVD now missing.  (Lisa Polley)

Three sisters play outside cooperatively for hours, baffled mom rejoices.  (The Golden Spoons)

Mother witnesses miracle: toddler and infant nap simultaneously.  (Heather D. Skinner)

Now it's your turn.  Would you tell me about your week in headline-format?


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  1. Mom spends all week cleaning the house, but no one can tell.

  2. Father grounds all three children from the television for a week. Mother cries, "Why are you punishing ME?"

  3. Housecleaning is like a time warp. Hours go into it, yet nothing changes. This headline resounds!

  4. Mom too sick to put dishes in dishwasher. They wait in the sink for her the next morning.

  5. Boo to the 10th degree on this one, Brook. I hope that you're feeling better!

  6. Siobhan CMay 21, 2013

    I couldnt' resist sending you two of these:

    Family cram 2 weeks worth of activities into one weekend prompting Monday Meltdown.
    Family throw fantastic party to celebrate home extension. Whilst parents sleep in to recover, leaking toilet causes untold damage to kitchen celing, cupboard and worktop.

  7. Siobhan CMay 21, 2013

    Since reading this fab post, and after submitting my two headlines, i've written my own post inspired by yours. Check it out here: http://wp.me/p2oDmP-jw Hope you don't mind? S

  8. Siobhan, your first headline cracks me up! Your second headline makes me want to cry a bit for you. Seriously? What unfortunate irony!

  9. I don't mind at all! Hopping over to check it out now!

  10. Lucy WilliamsAugust 06, 2013

    Toddler achieves "inside voice" slightly lower than banshee screech for the first time, area mall customers rejoice.


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