So I Won't Squander

My husband just left the house with all three children so I can have uninterrupted time to work.  This time feels so necessary -- there are speeches to grade, essays to review, recommendation letters to write, and they seem to be vying for my attention all at once.

The door closes, silence settles, and I take the first twenty minutes to plan.  I organize stacks of grading, separating what can wait from what's urgent.  I scan my inbox to do the same.  I draft a list.  I pour myself a full glass of ice water.

It's a triage of paperwork and correspondence and priorities -- and it helps.

When time feels limited, I don't want to squander any of it.  It's a lesson I'd do well to remember: when I intentionally slow myself down and devote time to plan ahead, I'm more productive down the line.

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