In the Presence of Beauty

Last night after the kids had been tucked in bed, a friend stopped by to visit.  When I opened the front door, she thrust out her arm and smiled.  "I brought you some flowers."
Not just any flowers, either.  She brough tulips, my favorite.
It's amazing how an environment changes in the presence of beauty.  Today, I can't stop looking at those tulips -- their simplicity, their elegance, their freshness.

Everything my kitchen suddenly is more lovely, more special just because life has been brought into it.

In one sense, cut flowers may seem extravagent or superflous; they wither and fade, after all.  But I'm finding the inherent value in beauty just for the sake of beauty.  A scented candle.  A pulled-together outfit.  A fresh color of nail polish.  A vase of tulips on the kitchen island.

In the presence of beauty our hearts breathe a little more.

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