The State of the Blog Address

I believe in the value of written reflection.  This belief is a large reason why I blog: writing about life enables me to live it more intentionally. 

When I first launched Pink Dryer Lint, my youngest daughter was a month old.  Looking back, it's clear that blogging was one of my better impetuous decisions.  After all, considering that I was sleep deprived and hormonally unstable, I could have opted to do something equally rash but much less productive, like getting a drastic hair cut or eating a regrettable amount of chocolate.

I've written hundreds of posts since then.  Early on, I questioned if I'd eventually run out of things to say, but I'm no longer concerned that ideas will dry up.  This is because Pink Dryer Lint's essence is sharing daily life -- the ordinary stuff that makes up ordinary days.

Stuff like dryer lint, which we typically scrape from our lint trap and toss aside, but on occasion, we pause and actually notice.  It's pink, I had thought, stunned, the first time I had washed and dried a load of my daughter's baby clothes.  And at that moment, dryer lint was more than just dryer lint.  It stopped me in my tracks how ordinary and extraordinary it was all at once.

As I reflect on the state of this blog, looking to the past and considering the future, I realize that it's always been my goal to embrace the ordinary moments of motherhood and life with you, dear readers, so that we can realize that our lives are far from ordinary.

My mission statement remains intact: To share moments that are underpinned with humor, characterized by transparency, and grounded in faith in order to help mothers (myself included) find pleasure, contentment, and encouragement in their daily lives.

It's a broad mission statement, perhaps, yet it effectively unites my posts, which, when cobbled together, resemble an all-you-can eat buffet.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

I like it that way.

I am so grateful that you have joined me here.  For each of you who has ever left a comment, sent a note, or just read along, quietly coming back time and time again, thank you!  It is such an honor to share my words -- and these ordinary parts of my life -- with you.

After all, life is better when it's shared.  Here's to many more daily moments ahead!

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  1.  Love the idea of a state of the blog address! 

    Yes, life is better when shared.  :)

  2. I'm so glad you started blogging.  Otherwise how would we have become friends?

  3. You know, Ami, I have no idea how we ever came across each other's blogs, but I'm so glad that we did!


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