On Bunk Beds

Recently we rearranged the girls' bedrooms to accommodate for a new piece of furniture in our house: bunk beds.  Here are some thoughts.

Do you consider "bunk beds" to be singular or plural?  (As in, is my opening sentence grammatically incorrect?  Should I have written "new pieces of furniture" even though it's one entity that happens to hold two beds?  Have you ever looked at a sentence so long that it not only looks ungrammatical, but it also looks as if it's no longer written in your primary language?  I'm hitting that point.  Moving on.)

Bunk beds are as awesome as you remember them to be from your childhood.  Unless, of course, you had a traumatic experience with a bunk bed that scarred you and forever made you wary of heights, ladders, or sleepovers.

Recognize the limitless depth of a two-year-old's trust.  Apply this knowledge when that two-year-old is on the top bunk and you're standing nearby.  Expect to catch her if she decides to leap into your arms, or (more accurately) when she decides to leap into your arms.

When sitting in the lower bunk, you'll remind yourself not to bump your head when you sit up.  You'll still bump your head when you sit up.

Changing the sheets on the upper bunk will count as your exercise for the day.  As you're wrangling the fitted corners, you'll question the feasibility of the task.  Can one really put a sheet on a bed when you're on top of that very bed on all fours?  You'll maneuver your body in odd ways, as if you're trying to levitate, kind of like when you bite into food that's too hot and attempt to make that bite hover without touching your tongue or the roof of your mouth.  Somehow, despite physics and all odds, you'll secure the sheet.  You'll never want to change it again.

Do you have any bunk bed observations?

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  1. smoothstonesFebruary 19, 2013

    I have a story as pertaining to a loft bed, which is not the same but different, really, only in that there's no bottom bed. My son puked on his, and it was very near the ceiling, and I'm claustrophobic. I went up to clean and puked, myself. So Jim Dear (who was pre-gastric-bypass surgery and could not climb up, at the time) had to flop the mattress all the way down to the floor and clean Cade's and my puke. What a champ.

  2. We're looking at getting bunk beds for Dudette. You've just made me wonder if I have any wisdom at all. Personally, if she had a sibling, I'd not do it. I have a sibling. My parents did it. She was on top and would flick her boogers down on me. Unfortunately, I didn't find out until we were adults and she confessed (with much laughter). I gag at the thought of where all those snot packages ended up.

  3. My two oldest had bunk bed for a while when the youngest was born.  They loved them - I did not like them for all the reasons you have listed.  Changing the sheets was a nightmare.  Fortunately, nobody ever fell off the top bunk at our house, but I did catch them "flying" off the ladder more than a few times! :-)

  4. Yes, I'm really trusting that nobody will fall from the top bunk. Sounds like your girls did just fine! (Gives me hope!)

  5. Wow.  Sisterly love has no limitations, it would seem.  (Yet, I find myself oddly comforted to hear the childhood antics of people who have grown up into respectable, functioning adults.)

  6. You win the award for best bunk bed trauma!  (Not that I really have an award to present to you, but if I did, you'd get it.)

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  8. Brittany ColtonFebruary 20, 2013

    I had a bunk bed with my twin sister growing up. When I was on the top bunk, she would always put her feet through the slots and push the mattress to the ceiling. It started out as her taking her anger out on me, but it ended up happening so often that it just became fun for both of us. 

  9. We just got our sons bunk beds. I have given them the ultimate token of responsibility: only their headboard is up against the wall - leaving three sides open. I find it very easy to change their sheets this way. :) So far, no mishaps or large bumps on the head. Being 5 and 7, I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

  10. I suppose that I can look forward to this when when little legs grow long enough to push the mattress up!  (Thanks for the heads up!)

  11. That is a great responsibility!  Props to you and your boys for doing well so far!

  12. We don't have bunk beds. After reading this, I don't think I ever will get them.

    I never considered how challenging it would be to make the bed... that alone makes me think I would not like that furniture in my home.


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