When 15 Degrees Feels Warm

When 15 degrees feels warm, you know that it's been cold lately.  We've been hovering in the low teens and single digits for much of the past week, occasionally dipping down into the negatives in the "real feel" weather report.

Of course, I wonder how anyone knows what -16 degrees really feels like.  This week as I traversed campus, I never was able to pinpoint the real feel of anything, not even my toes.  I didn't overhear anyone saying, "This definitely feels like -16.  I sense that it's nine degrees colder than yesterday when it felt like -7."

After a while, cold is just cold.

At the end of the day my shoulders have been sore, which I suspect is due to rigidly hunching as I'm walking, as if folding up into myself would protect me from the elements.  The idea of exercising -- taking off my clothing to put on less clothing -- has taken a toll on my motivation.  For two days I've needed to put a check in the mail, but I've dragged my feet on actually walking to the mailbox.

Still, these cold days have brought warmth.  In the evenings, the girls and I hunker down.  There's little need or incentive to go out.  We grab piles of books, snuggle on the couch, and enjoy the closeness.  We eat cookies.  I let an extra half-hour of cartoons slide by without any guilt.

It feels right.  Negative 16 degrees may never feel right, but this certainly does.

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  1. So sweet! I love the image of you all eating cookies on the couch!!!

  2. Heyyy stumbling by your blog from tmb, glad I did!  Love what you've got going on here...I'm from upstate NY and I KNOW what negative degrees feels like...it feels like your nostrils sticking together when you inhale, it feels like your lungs not expanding at.all. when you take a deep breath...

    ugh, glad I'm in SC now!  Anyways, I'm following along now, hope you'll swing by my site www.highheeledmama.com and check it out...maybe follow back if you likey? :))

  3. MakeupbycherelynnJanuary 26, 2013

    Oh happy day! We too have had extreme cold and when it finally warmed up to double digits, like 15, it did feel warm!

    It’s rainy here, the family is watching a Fringe dvd
    marathon and the crockpot is bubbling!

    Hope this finds you having an awesome day too!

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    Ciao ciao!






  4. Samantha LoewenJanuary 28, 2013

    I love winter here for one reason - I love getting warm! Sweaters, tea, warm blankets - love it!

  5. Yes, that "nostrils sticking together" sensation certainly is indicative of weather that's too cold.  (And upstate NY?  You're in prime location to freeze!)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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