When There Are No Good Words

When there are no words for your mouth to speak, it's your heart that cries out in prayer.  Words don't make sense when there are children who climbed onto a school busy in the morning and never will return home in the afternoon.

I can't wrap my mind around the tragedy.  I can't begin to trace the broad aftershocks of the suffering for each family, teacher, emergency worker, and the community as a whole.  I can't imagine empty beds, already-wrapped Christmas gifts, and an open seat at the dinner table.  I can't fathom the ache of having life torn away so horrifically, so abruptly.

Lord, there are no good words.

As I type, my children bustle through the house, bumping into walls, squealing, bickering, asking incessant questions.  Kids being kids.  I hug them all the tighter, and I can't gather words, but my heart cries out.

Lord, bring comfort.

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  1. There are no good words are there?
    A co-worker blamed God - said when things like this happen it is further proof to him God does not exist...
    I did not respond because I truly did not know what to say to him or for him. So many thoughts and emotions raging across the country right now...
    Like you, I held my daughter longer and harder last night as she snuggled down for bed...at one point, she told me I was squeezing her so hard her eyes kept popping open
    There are no good words - but there are lots of prayers - and there is always hope
    Hang on tightly and keep the faith Robin - it's what we do best....

  2. Christiane PottsDecember 16, 2012

    Sorry to intrude, Maria, but maybe when your co-worker says something again, point to the fact that surrounding this one evil action are dozens of examples of the existence of God. Every teacher that stood in front of their children, protecting them. Every policeman that ran in to help without regard for their own safety. 

  3. Yes, it's so hard.  I can undersand that this would shake people to the core and cause people to question the existence (or goodness) of God.  Because of my relationship with Christ and my utter assurance of his faithfulness, this does not cause me to doubt God, but it does remind me of the devil. 

    There will be (and should be) ample discussion and policy advocacy about mental health issues, gun laws, and school safety that result from this tragedy, and yet I realize that an act like this is utterly demonic at its roots. 

    Praying for your coworker, too.

  4. This says it so much better than I ever could:


  5. I was so sad when he said that....for so many reasons...but mostly because I realized, as you said, for all the acts of evil, there are so many more acts of God he is missing....not seeing....made me sad for him - and as much as I wanted to correct him, frankly, I was not up for the arguement I knew would ensure...though I was I had been....
    My only hope? My hope Christiane is that there are more people like us who see those acts, who see God, than there are of my co-worker....I like to think there are...Mass on Sunday re-affirmed that for me! Next time, I'll take your advice and remind him of all the good God does....

  6. Finally had time to read this - thank you so much for sharing...just what was needed! I sent the link to my co-worker...hoping he'll open his heart and read it.....

  7. So glad that this article was helpful.  It put into words things that I wasn't able to.  Bless you for reaching out to your coworker, Maria.


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