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Blog Pause Day 4: My husband and I recently were able to slip out for a date night and see The Hobbit.  Our night out reminded me of this post, which I'm sharing again for your reading pleasure.

Originally posted February 3, 2012

Occasionally a movie becomes more than a movie.  It becomes an entity unto itself, a metaphor for life.  This is the case for me with the The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Perhaps I wouldn't select them for a relaxing evening at home, of course, because who really has 557 minutes to spare?

What I like about these movies is that they're highly quotable.  Plus, they're sticky, meaning that the characters and moments have lodged themselves in my brain, allowing me to frequently draw analogies between the movies and the experiences in my own life.

Obviously, I'm living an epic adventure.

For instance, whenever my children ask for two snacks between breakfast and lunch -- which is daily -- I suspect that they're hobbits.  I hear Pippin in my head, "What about second breakfast?  What about elevenses?  Luncheon?  Afternoon tea?  Dinner?  Supper?  He knows about them, doesn't he?

Whenever I'm weary, I remember Biblo's description of being spread thin, like butter scraped over too much bread.

And when I call attention to myself in an undesirable fashion, I imagine the Eye, lidless and wreathed in flame, peering down on me.

Ah, man, I brought the Eye toward me again!  Drat.

So, while I recently was going about my business in the kitchen (code for sweeping up crumbs and noticing how often my socks stuck to the floor), I paused when I saw this:

And then I really paused when I saw this:

My daughter reported that she simply had been making turkey vultures by tracing her hand.  (She's advanced beyond mere turkeys.  We're onto vultures.)

But when I studied the cut-out of her hand, I didn't see a turkey vulture.  I saw my daughter claiming all objects as her own -- starting with this riding toy -- by marking them with her hand print.

I saw the hand of Saruman.  

I saw this:

And I'm not sure what this reveals about me.

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  1. I saw this movie this weekend and remembered this post, too.  I'm right with you on this.  This story is more than a story to me, and I see its influence in my life.  For instance, I remember as a teenager desiring to be more of an elf.  Graceful, beautiful, eating spinach and drinking water - but as the years go by, I have made my peace that I am really more of a Hobbit - six meals a day, fancying the slow paced life...(most importantly) hairy, barefoot feet.  :)

  2. You crack me up!  (I'm all for six meals a day, too!)


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