Make Your Own Wreath (burning yourself on the glue gun is optional)

Several weeks ago I hung garland on my front porch to celebrate the fall, my favorite season.  Days after this decorative endeavor, each strand of garland had succumbed to the outdoor elements and dangled forlornly like used crepe paper after a birthday party.

They just don't make outdoor garland like they used to.  Not that I actually have knowledge about the durability and quality of outdoor garland in the past, but it makes you sound seasoned to utter a statement like that. 

Instead of letting all those leaves go to waste, I pulled out the safety scissors and put the older two girls to work.  They snipped off all of the leaves, I borrowed a glue gun, and I found a straw wreath on sale for 50 cents.  (Thank you, Christmas merchandise, for crowding the shelves and precipitating large price reductions on anything even remotely fall-related.)

The process is simple.  I simply glued the leaves to the wreath.

I also accidentally glued straw to my hands, but that's another story, one that starts with me disregarding the warning label on the glue gun and ends with me burning my thumb.

I never said that I was coordinated.

But, I did make a nice wreath.  Coordination, thankfully, is not necessary for wreath-making.  Now, wreath-tossing?  That requires a lot of coordination.  Do you know how many times it took me to ring that doorknob?  You thought I just hung in there, didn't you?

There's no challenge in that.

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