Consider this to be an invitation

What do the following seven statements have in common?

Pressing question here: Why is there only one word for thesaurus?

My daughter is planning her birthday party menu.  Her birthday isn't for another seven months.  I don't know what we're having for dinner tonight.  It's in 30 minutes.

You know you're a parent when electrical outlets without safety plugs appear unattractive and just a bit menacing. 

If only children could be as easily programmed as clocks to fall back one extra hour.

Had a brief phone conversation with another mother of three children today. Our conversation resembled a hall of mirrors for the ears: an infinite projection of chaotic background noise.

Futile: (adj.) incapable of producing any results, ineffective.   Alternate Definition: teaching a two-year-old not to double-dip.

Every so often, a person gives a gift to your child that makes you pause and think, "They really must be against me." 

Give up?

They're all updates from Pink Dryer Lint's Facebook page.  

If you haven't yet liked Pink Dryer Lint on Facebook, please consider this as your personal invitation to join the party!  Trust me, it's funny party where you'll actually enjoy the people.  No awkward lurking and shuffling, I promise.  Just a hearty serving of fun status updates and links to new blog posts.

Now, with all that said, it's likely that Facebook won't stream every new Pink Dryer Lint update into your news feed.  (Those cryptic algorithms...)   This is a shame because I'd love for you to see as many of the updates as possible.  So, whether you're a new member or a long-time fan, I also invite you to follow these quick and simple steps (60 seconds, tops!) to maximize your views:

1) Go to the Pink Dryer Lint Facebook page.

2) Then, click on the drop-down menu (highlighted by the red arrow in the screenshot), and add Pink Dryer Lint as an "Interest List."

3) What follows is simple.  Start a "New List."  On the "Create New List" page, click "next." Then, simply "name" your list like I've done below in the screenshot:

For obvious reasons, I named it Pink Dryer Lint.  You might do the same, or perhaps you might file it under "awesomeness" or "fabulous" or "I can't get enough of this blog."  Your call. 

And that's it.  Those simple steps will increase the likelihood that you'll regularly see Pink Dryer Lint updates in your news feed so you can enjoy and share them.

What are you waiting for?  Stop by today.  I'd love to meet you there!

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