The Release: Then I Became a Mother

Can I please direct your attention to the lovely book cover in the right sidebar of this blog?  Do you realize what this means?   

Then I Became a Mother is officially published!   Can I get a TIBAM?

One click on the cover will direct you to Amazon where you can read a description and purchase it.  But first, let me share what two reviewers have said:  

If I had it my way, this book would be a required gift to each expectant mother at every baby shower.  (Christiane Bilezikian Potts, Taking on Magazines)

As a mother of three little ones, I treasure every chapter in Then I Became a Mother.  It's one of those, "she stole my diary" AND "how'd she know I needed to hear that?" books.  Like motherhood itself, TIBAM is full of laughter, tears, unforgettable stories, naked truth, and beauty.  I will recommend this book to my very own sister, and I recommend it to you. (Laura Booz, author of Blogger Behave)

Enjoy, my friends, and please spread the word!

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  1.  So exciting, Robin!  I went to order it and then realized I had two birthdays, an anniversary, and Halloween costumes on the budget this paycheck, but I'm hoping to purchase it next payday! 

  2. Shana ScottOctober 22, 2012

    CONGRATS!!!!! YAY!!!!

  3. I'm so excited for you, Robin! Great stuff. When does it become available as a print book? (I'm rubbish at reading books on Kindle, even if they don't clutter up my bookcase and windowsills....). 

  4. Why, thanks, Amy!  (You have a full month, indeed!)  Happy anniversary to you!

  5. Right now, it's just on Kindle, Nook, iBook, etc.  Discussion is still ongoing regarding print copies, so I'll be sure to keep everyone updated if there's any movement on that front!

  6. Looking forward to a print version, as I don't own an eReader.  Please keep us posted!

  7. Thanks, Chesley.  I'll be sure to post when the print version will be available.  You'll be able to buy the hard copies via the publisher's website.  I'll keep you updated!

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