Just for the Sake of Pleasure

Right now, my life is busy.  I toggle back and forth between to-do lists for my job and the upcoming book release, and I try to stay afloat with the happenings in my house: turning in school fundraising paperwork, scheduling an overdue doctor's appointment, emptying the dishwasher, remembering to buy milk.

In my haste I forget that it's fall, my favorite season.  Everything about the fall conjures feelings of warmth, coziness, home, and comfort.  I haven't capitalized on this enough.

So, I did something.  I hung garland on my front porch.

Then I adorned our front steps with a mum and pumpkins.

There's something to be said for enjoying beauty for the sake of beauty.  There's significance behind taking time to celebrate, pausing to savor, and permitting yourself to enjoy a ritual.  It's why my friend who loves Diet Coke pours it into a glass, always with ice, rather than drinking it straight from the can.  It's why we make our beds in the morning even though we'll sleep in them again at night.  It's why I occasionally paint my nails when I don't have have time to sit and paint my nails.  The act forces me to be still and to polish a small, tangible aspect of my often-unwieldy life.

Just for the sake of pleasure.

If you're like me, as a mom, there are times when you don't even take the time to use the restroom, much less to steal a few moments and treat yourself to small kindnesses.  But it's in these busy, chaotic times when we need these little kindnesses the most.

Savor something today, even if it's small.

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  1. Well said!  

  2. Oh, I didn't meant to submit that comment right after that.  :)   What I meant to say was:

    Well said!  I guess sometimes there's a small part of me that feels shallow if I sit down to paint my nails or indulgent if I'll mess up a glass to pour my coke in it.  It's nice to be reminded there is this side of it.  I love your porch!  I guess I wouldn't have considered your porch to be so beautiful considering your home is not one of the things you blog about or post pictures of often...

  3. Hey, glad that you liked the porch!  I'm a sucker for a pretty front porch (and I'm a sucker for fall), so it's nice to bring that all together.

    I feel the same way you described at times, too.  That's why I try to go against those feelings and purposefully slow down at times.  Good for the soul.... 


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