Short and Sweet: Vegetables

Why I need to teach my children more about basic nutrition in 100 or fewer words: 

We're driving to soccer practice and Reese is telling Brooke all about school lunches.  "They make you take a vegetable every time that you buy a lunch.  Every time!"

Brooke reflects on this for a moment before weighing in.  "That's okay.  There are only three vegetables that I don't like."

"Which ones?" I ask.

Without flinching she reports back to me, sounding mildly amazed that I don't already have this knowledge tucked away in my memory.

"Celery, stuffing, and grass."

Come to think of it, I don't like those vegetables much, either.

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  1. AHhahahahahahahaha!
    Oh, precious kids... there are moments it's a good thing they're cute, and then there are moments like this.  *g*

  2. Kristin EnnisSeptember 21, 2012

    I love your site. So cute about the veggies! And my 6 year old always leaves the door open on the fridge. I look forward to reading more of you blog! xo ~Kris

  3. Love it and Love your blog!!!  Thanks for the laughs!!! 

  4. Kid's say the cutest things!  Can't get my 5 year old grand-son to even try a vegetable!  It drives me crazy!  Love your blog!


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