Easy Art for a Kid's Bedroom

I've mentioned before that I like letters.  They just come in so handy, don't they?  Take this one, for instance, which is hanging on the wall of my daughter's bedroom.  It's a simple wooden letter that you can purchase at a craft store.

I'm also a fan of decorating, so why not merge these two interests together?  And that leads me to today's How To Post.

To create an easy, personalized decoration for your child's room, follow these four easy steps:

1) Buy the letters that spell your child's name.  If you prefer, you could use their initials -- or, just about any word that you like.  (So, if you come into my house and see the word chocolate hanging on a wall, you'll know why.)

2) Select any combination of scrapbook paper that you like.  Purchase enough to adequately cover each letter.

3) Trace the outline of the wooden letters onto the scrapbook paper and cut each one out.  You could use scissors; I prefer using an Exacto knife.

4) Adhere the scrapbook paper to the letters using rubber cement or a glue stick.

And that's it, except for hanging the letters.  If you're like me, the craft will be no problem.  But after you've hung the letters you might step back to observe your work and realize that you have little skill in aligning anything in a straight line.  You'll get past this.  (It only took me seven extra nail holes.)

Perhaps the best feature is that this decoration can mature with your child.  If you change the decor or decide to paint the room, simply peel off the original scrapbook paper and adhere new.

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  1. I have Dudette's name on her wall in letters like that. Though now that she wants it redone in Spiderman theme, I guess those letters will have to come down too. :/

  2. I will completely align your letters for you, if you will do the cutting.  I am incapable of cutting a straight (or crooked) line.

  3. Oh I love that! And I love the name you have pictured :).

  4. Yes, we have similar good tastes, don't we?  :)

  5. It's great to hear that trace the outline of the wooden letters onto the scrapbook paper and cut each one out. But I think knife is better than scissor. Though the knife should be new. Thanks for sharing this great article.
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