I am (insert name here). I am a mother.

I derive a large part of my identity from being a mother of young children.  I've lived so long in a child-proofed house that I regard electrical outlets without safety plugs as unattractive and slightly menacing.  I've just recently graduated from the phase when I quantified a child's age in months, not years.

My kids -- like your kids -- are growing up.  Three months ago, our youngest daughter turned two.  She's full of talking, yet still short on having many clear words.  She calls me Mama.  My four-year-old calls me Mommy.  My seven-year-old calls me Mom.

It normally sounds like Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom, hey Mom, can I tell you what?  But that's beside the point.

Being Mom is different than being Mama.  It's wonderful -- and it's a title that I'll proudly wear for all the years of my life.  I just hope to never forget the sound of those little voices when they said their first Mama's.

As I was sorting through my daughters' closets last week, I realized that there's only once piece of clothing still in circulation that resembles anything baby-like.  It's this dress, a dress that makes the tiny wearer look more like a doll than a real child.

My older two girls wore this dress, and now my youngest prances in it.  I watch as its billowy fabric moves in synchronization as the wind blows through her never-yet-been-cut wild hair.

Oh, little ones.  I'll always be your mom.  And I'll always treasure these years of having been your mama.

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  1. TheMomChefAugust 21, 2012

    Ah, you caught me on this one. Dudette's been trying to call me mom for a while yet, but I just can't let go of mommy yet. I'll have the rest of my life to be mom, but this is for such a short, short time. Mom is only allowed when in the presence of older kids. I may be mommy, but I do want to be cool mommy. :)

    I love the dress....and....and everything the photo represents. I miss two.


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