When You're a Bad Packer

Let's presume that you're packing for vacation and you forget a few items, like your children's toothbrushes and their toothpaste.  And their ponytail holders.  And their hairbrushes.  And your hairbrush.  And the bottle of Tylenol that comes in handy when you're three hours into the trip and your children repeatedly ask things like "Do you want to hear the weird noise that I can make?"

(Even if you refrain from answering, your children will assume that you do want to hear the weird noise that they can make.  It's optimism in action.)

Of course, you easily can buy all of these forgotten items once you get to your destination.  No harm done.  But what if you also forget your camera?

You might be thinking, Who forgets to pack their camera when they're going on vacation?

Apparently I do.  It only crossed my radar when I noticed my youngest daughter had fallen into an especially cute slumber -- nearly two hours after she normally naps and merely twenty minutes before we reached our destination.  (In other words, a typical travel nap.)  She was so sweet that I would have taken a picture, and then I realized: no camera.


It's like the tree falling in the forest adage.  Does a vacation really happen if there's no camera to document it?

It does.  Our kids still make sandcastles at the beach and have goggle imprints on their faces at the pool.  They still get wide-eyed at the ocean and jump-in-their-place excited at the merry-go-round.

I just have to remember it in my head and heart, not on film.

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  1. TheMomChefJune 24, 2012

    Does your phone have a camera feature? I just have a flip phone but it does a pretty good job, at least a preserving memories. I'd be in heaps of trouble if I forgot Dudette's brush and pony tail holders. The toothbrush; she wouldn't mind that at all. Have a BLAST.

  2. uh oh! maybe you can splurge on a $15 disposable camera? i think they can be developed into digital copies so it's not like you'd have to keep negatives/prints if you didn't want to. :) hope you're having fun on your vacay!!

  3. Thanks! The disposable camera idea is great. I probably was too premature with my post because I actually have backups. (We've joined up with extended family, all of whom remembered to bring their cameras like good vacation-goers.)

  4. Yes, I don't think my children would mind at all if we didn't brush their teeth for a week. (This is one of those sentences that makes me cringe while typing, but I'm keeping it here.)

    My phone (also a flip phone) unfortunately doesn't take good pics, but see the above comment. :) We're in working order now!


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