They Notice

Today is my daughter's last day of first grade.  I imagine that they're busy cleaning out cubbies, picking the final bits of laminated name tags off of their desks, and watching the final installment of The Land Before Time.  I can't imagine how much energy must be firing in that classroom as twenty-some seven-year-olds ping-pong around one another just moments away from summer vacation.

God bless all teachers.

The year has gone quickly.  Every morning that I've waited with my daughter at the bus stop, I've prayed for her.  Daily, I ask for God's wisdom, favor, and protection over her life.  I want her to enter school each day knowing how much she's loved.  I want her to remember that she's never alone.

I've slipped notes into her lunch bag throughout the year.  They've just been small notes with short messages, but when I went through her backpack -- a backpack jammed with all of the contents of her desk -- my eyes immediately were drawn to these purple slips of paper.

My notes.

She's been keeping my notes.

Sometimes it's easy to think that our kids don't notice anything -- like when we ask them to shut the screen door behind them seventeen times in the span of two hours and they still leave it wide open when they exit the house.  But kids notice a lot.

They certainly notice that we love them.  This little stack of crumpled notes showed me that today.

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  1. Oh my gosh. You just made me cry. All the little things, day after day after day, are what matter. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. LauraglaudeJune 07, 2012

    How sweet!  I plan on writing notes when my kids are old enough for school.  It's encouraging to see that it mattered to your daughter:)

  3. Thank you for this post.  You made me tear up and smile.  Children really are a wonderful gift.

  4. Oh Robin - how sweet and touching and rewarding!
    What a blessing to know your daughter has the appreciation for the little things....speaks volumes about her but even more about the way she is being raised.
    I've been slipping notes in Lucy's bag since she started Day Care at 3 months old (she's 3 now) I've saved all of them but for the past couple months, I noticed the recent ones were disappearing from the basket I was putting them in. I asked Lucy if she knew where her cards were, was she bringing them home? Yeah Mama....and she shyly (with a hint of guilt) showed me...she had been taking them out of the basket and placing them in her own little basket of treasures she keeps under her bed...and then said Mama, I took them so I can look at them 'cause that how I know you love me...
    How lucky are we to be their Mums??

  5. It was nice to see you yesterday at the park. This was a great post. It's incredibly cute that Reese kept all the notes you wrote her. Hope you have a nice summer!

  6. Sara MeehanJune 07, 2012

    love this, robin. almost made me cry, and i don't even know you! made me think of the notes my own mom used to put in my lunch...and how i know i will be doing it for my boys when they are old enough to go off to school!

  7. How sweet! I agree that it is the little things, my sons always remind me of this when I read their journals from school. They talk about when my husband sits down and plays a game with them or when we cook together, but they also say that they know we love them because we kiss them goodnight every night or have tickle wars with them. It's a nice reminder when we see those things. 

  8. Oh, that's wonderful, Maria!  I love that Lucy has been stowing away your notes in her basket!  It's such a touching realization that these gestures mean so much, isn't it?

  9. I'd keep those journals forever!  I love those little windows into their hearts and minds!

  10.  Thanks, Sara!  I'm sure that your boys will treasure them, too.

  11. Great seeing you as well, Liz!  Enjoy your summer as well -- I'm sure that we'll see you again at the park!

  12. Yes, they are such a gift.  It's good to remind myself of that.  Thank you for your kind comment, Jodi!


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