Random Parenting Observations and Skills (Stream of Conscious Style)

Every so often, I fold my children's laundry and I'm shocked.  In one load I will find fifteen shirts, seven pairs of shorts, nine socks, and three pairs of underwear.  Something isn't adding up.

I try to eat snacks in front of my children without them knowing.  It's an art form, one which takes exceptional timing and stealth.  I've developed the ability to respond to questions while I have food in my mouth without looking like I have food in my mouth.  This cannot be sustained for long.  Brevity is essential.

While driving I've also mastered a subtle hand-to-mouth movement as I turn my body oh-so-slightly to the left so my kids don't notice that I'm popping Dots like it's my business.

At times, I suspect that I'm growing inoculated.  The other day I entered my bathroom and discovered a hula hoop on the floor.  I didn't even react because it was no stranger than the time that I entered the kitchen and found the couch cushions piled on the counters.  Or when my black high heels turned up in our backyard garden.  Or when my husband discovered a slice of pizza in the bathroom.

What random skills have you gained from parenthood?  What surprising observations have you made?

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  1. I know how to *securely* buckle any size teddy bear or doll into a car!

  2. Becky AnthonyJune 18, 2012

    My laundry equations never seem to add up either! When I put on my hubby's batman or spiderman t-shirts, I'm instantly a hero in my 3-year old son's eyes....and naps are one of God's sweetest creations (and not just for the kiddos).

  3. Kathleen RobbinsJune 18, 2012

    Laundry always blows my mind! I will actually pull out socks from the dryer that I know I did not put in the wash. I thought I was the only one who tried to hide eating in front of my kid...hahahha!

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  4. Oh yes, naps are worth their weight in gold.

  5. I've gotten surprisingly good at blocking out the sound of children playing the kazoo or pretending to be firetrucks. I hardly even hear it any more.

  6. I have gotten really good at answering random questions to which I don't even really now the answers!

  7. You've tapped into something that's absolutely mandatory!

  8. I think they call this raw talent. I'm impressed.

  9. Kristen @ MRS. T, NATURALLYJune 25, 2012

    Haha! You're adorable! :)


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