When Jillian Michaels Gets In Your Head

Even as I type I can hear her voice in my head.  She's normally yelling. 

When I ran my half marathon last fall, Jillian Michaels was in my head.  When I'm shedding or shredding my way through her DVD's, she's definitely in my head.

She tells me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable as I'm melting down during Yoga Meltdown, but I also hear her statement echoing in my thoughts when the house is a mess, the to-do lists are long, or words aren't coming easily as I write.  I remind myself to dig in my heels, breathe, settle into that uncomfortableness, and ride it out.

Perhaps she'll invite me to star in her next workout video as the woman who stands behind her (on the right) with modifications for beginners.

To keep my workouts true-to-form, though, we'd occasionally need to send in my children while I'm in holding the plank position or pounding out high-knees to either 1) climb on me, 2) ask for a snack, 3) request my immediate participation in a craft requiring fine-motor skills, or 4) trash-talk by telling me that "it doesn't look that hard."

This would be my audition video:

For the record, I didn't break my toe in those final seconds.  Came mighty close, though.

Jillian Michaels Image Credit: phillyburbs.com


  1. The Mom ChefMay 15, 2012

    It was fun to hear your voice so now it'll be in my head as I read your stuff. I'm glad you missed your toe. :)

  2. Lou @ SunnySideMay 15, 2012

    Too funny! Although as I sit here debating whether I am really up to another 20 minutes of shredding hell, although laughing at your Jillian take off, I am swaying towards another coffee rather than another shred!

    Oh bugger - I have to do it. Jillian first then coffee

  3. Crosstraining4funMay 15, 2012

    hahahah!! Gooo Robin!! Whooot Whooottt! Thats what I like to see ;) love you!!!


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