More Thoughts on the Weekend Wedding

Do you know what made me the most nervous for this past weekend's wedding?  That I wouldn't be able to properly fix my daughters' hair.  I'm a proficient brusher of hair.  (My girls might argue this claim when I'm approaching them with a hairbrush, of course, but they seem to view most grooming tools as unnecessary inflictors of pain.)

Brushing hair and fixing hair is different, though.  I used an actual curling iron on them, people.  And I embedded rhinestones in their braids.  This has to count for something.

Here are some additional observations from the weekend:

You can put a girl in a dress, but she will still climb any fence.

Or any slide.

Country weddings are truly charming.  Especially when the sky is perfectly blue and the temperature is just right, as it was this weekend.

The minister who performed the wedding was exceptionally cute.  I'm allowed to say this.  I'm married to him.

It's a joy to watch your children rise to the occasion.  They dropped petals with flair.  They mostly remembered their good manners for the entire weekend.  They operated on much less sleep than typical and handled themselves admirably.

And when they were on the dance floor?  Oh, there was no stopping them.  At one point Brooke was sucking her thumb while busting a move -- a sight so comically adorable that a circle of college guys formed around her, each of whom emulated her thumb-sucking and fancy footwork.

She continued to charm guests by announcing and demonstrating her many abilities.  I can hop on one foot.  Or, My name begins with a B.  Want me to spell it for you?  Perhaps my favorite was when a wedding guest complimented her on how very pretty she looked.  She smiled and replied, I know that.

No shortage of confidence there.

High heels are hard to walk in when you're in grass.  Or on gravel.  In fact, my daughter informed me of this exact challenge when she was wearing these shoes:

I told her that I understood.

I ended up wearing Dress #1.  Thanks for all of your feedback!  (You folks sure do have opinions, don't you?)

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  1. The Mom ChefMay 22, 2012

    I didn't comment on yesterday's post even though I read it. I clicked away with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes (and there they both show up again now). I'm a Daddy's girl. Your comment about your husband dancing with your daughter...... well, you know.

    This, "The minister who performed the wedding was exceptionally cute.  I'm allowed to say this.  I'm married to him." You go girl.

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  3. I was hoping you'd wear Dress #1.  And you are going to have to teach me how to do girl hair.  I am evidently inept at brushing as well as fixing.


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