It's Birthday Season

It's birthday season in our household.  Yesterday my middle daughter turned four and tomorrow my youngest daughter turns two.  Today simply provides a temporary lull in the weekend celebration, a brief respite from eating cake.

I love birthdays.  I love the chance to celebrate these young lives that God has entrusted me with.  There is little time to pause and reflect when you're the parent of little ones.  You're simply in survival mode making sure that everyone is fed, clothed, clean (enough), safe, and accounted for.  

But on a birthday?  On a birthday you reminisce.  You think back to when that child first entered your family.  You remember the first time you laid your eyes on them.

At the hospital with my youngest daughter in 2010.

On a birthday you marvel because you now can't imagine your family without their presence.  On a birthday you take time to enjoy -- just enjoy -- the amazing gift that these children are.

Birthdays help to salve those rough days when parenting feels more like a chore than a gift.  They remind you of the high calling that you've been given.

And you get to eat cake.

What's not to love?

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  1. Beautifully said!  My oldest and youngest have birthdays 2 days apart in August.  I also want to say that I am completely jealous of how fabulous you look in that picture - I NEVER looked remotely good in any of my "hospital with baby" photos!

  2. Seriously!  Robin, you're making the rest of us look bad and I, for one, am going to pretend that you just snuck into an empty hospital bed yesterday and borrowed a baby to take that picture. 

  3. May birthdays are the best birthdays!  But all of them of pretty wonderful.

  4. Ladies, you must understand something.  I was in the hospital, the baby was sleeping, I took a shower, and since I didn't have any other kids to tend to, I took time to blow dry my hair.  I've dubbed this day as The Hair Day That God Smiled Upon.  It's sort of a holy miracle.

  5. The other holy miracle is how CUTE that baby is.  I love those pudgy cheeks and that little baby fuzz.  Such a pretty baby.


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