Short and Sweet: Sisterly Love

A short and sweet post on the love between siblings in 100 or fewer words:

Instigating.  Irritating.  Aggravating.  Pushing buttons.  It's still morning and my two oldest already have demonstrated mastery in these areas.

I scrutinize them from across the table and concoct a plan to turn the tide.  "Girls, you can't act this way.  You each need say something that you like about one another."

They sit for one moment in silence.

Brooke begins, "I like it when you don't hit me."

Reese finishes, "And I like it when you play in the other room."

No one will accuse us of setting the bar too high today.

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  1. TheMomChefApril 11, 2012

    I'm so glad I have just one child. :)

  2. You've got smart girls there. They'll probably end up best friends.

  3. There is something to be said about honesty and wit!  Such sweet girls, they will end up being best friends one day.

  4. Sounds like my girls! :)

  5. Danielle CooperApril 14, 2012

    Oh that is funny.  I used to watch school age kids and for Valentines Day we have a compliment jar.  One of the kid's compliments to the other "You dress like a boy"  Hmm not really a compliment to a GIRL!!  When I mentioend this the little girls said "Well she is tom boy, she wants to dress like a boy."  A tom boy maybe, but she certainly didnt dress like a boy and she enjoyed playing house just as much cowboys and indians.  Oh the wonderful back handed compliments.  And the girl I currently watch told me "Danielle your skinny, it's just you have big hips."  Ugh thanks..I think. 

  6. Love this!


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