A Gift

Deep in your heart, you know it when you're living a day that's a gift.  This afternoon I sat at my kitchen table grading papers as the low drone of a persistent bee and the friendly chords of a bird wafted in from the open sliding glass door.  Our tulips swayed underneath the supple limbs of a weeping cherry tree in bloom, their colors bursting in the sunlight.

What an overloading of senses.  What a gift.  I urged the girls outside for a garden tour, and together we explored.  Moments later, I noticed a subtle dip in the grass and stepped closer.  A baby rabbit was hidden in our own backyard, nestled in a high tuft of grass.

I immediately declared that the bunny was a he, and upon this declaration Brooke immediately named him Rose.  The girls crouched down to study him.  There was no touching, just watching.  Just amazement.

Before dinner I returned outside once more, knowing that Rose likely would have left in search of his real nest.  Just in case he returned, though, my daughter prepared a small treat.

It's a gift, she said.  In case he's hungry.

Yes, today it all was a gift.

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  1. smoothstonesApril 04, 2012

    AWWWW! =D

  2. I absolutely love those days when you feel blessed from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  


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