Calendar Scribbled Upon By Child

Title: Calendar Scribbled Upon By Child 

Subtitle:  This might look like innocent scribbles by a toddler, but underneath the playfulness resides a weariness and latent aggression toward the month of April.  "Enough already!  Let's move on!" those erratic pen strokes seem to say.  Bring on the month of May.


  1. Or maybe a great weariness toward grown-up planning, schedules and 'got to be here and there on time' stuff? That's probably the biggest point of conflict in our house. Hence regular pyjama days and no agendas on Saturdays...

  2. TheMomChefApril 30, 2012

    Well, she's got an amen from me on that one.

  3. Yes!  That too!  :)  No-agenda days are wonderful days...

  4. Great scribbles. I have a 3 year old who does that on the wall and who gets frustrated? The grandma. :))


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