Short and Sweet: Eyewitness Reporting

An accurate eyewitness report in 100 or fewer words:

My nephew spends one afternoon a week at our house.  From the other room, I listened as he and my two youngest daughters played.  Their game was spontaneous, shifting quickly as they created new scenarios.  The floor was lava.  The pillows were safe.  The goal -- I heard -- was to jump.

Then I heard the thud.  Then I heard the crying.  I ran into the room as Kerrington picked herself off the ground.

Settling her onto my lap, I looked at the older kids for more information.  "What did she hit?" I asked.

My nephew pointed downward.  "The floor."

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  1. smoothstonesMarch 29, 2012

    Oh, my. Kids.

  2. Lesley Ann RodriguezMarch 29, 2012

    Oh no, she fell in the lava!

    Staying afloat on the pillows,
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