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Over the past month, people have landed at this blog by typing various iterations of dryer lint into their search engines.  Many of them have to do with accidental inhalation, leading me to wonder how we survived or parented before Google.

"is it dangerous to inhale dryer lint?"
"child inhales dryer lint help!"
"how bad is it to breathe dryer lint?"

Of course, I don't pretend to understand all of predicaments that lead to these Internet searches, especially for the individual who arrived here by way of "pork lint of dryer death." Pork?  Death?  Dryer lint?  This is vaguely unnerving to think that these words, when linked together, somehow point to me.

To the person who wanted to learn "how to draw a Steeler logo step-by-step," perhaps this hopeful but unfounded projection and this photo of my daughter was a happy diversion for you.  By the way, a Steeler's logo is not that complicated of a design.  I think you can freehand a pretty decent approximation.

To the person who searched for the "white hand of Saruman," my hope is that you enjoyed this entry.  It's one of my recent favorites.

To the individual who searched "letters from buildings spelling name," I'm giving you the green light.  Go for it.  An aesthetically pleasing, easy, and meaningful project -- what's not to love?

To the person who found this blog through the keywords "when your kids annoy you," know that I said a prayer for you today.  Ah, dear stranger, I've been there.  May your day be getting better.

But to the individual who searched for "God's little monkey lip," and ended up here -- a mom blog that has very little do do with monkeys or lips or monkey lips -- I'm like Jeff Probst after a tribal counsel:  I've got nothing for you.  Head back to camp.

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