Bring It On. Spring, That Is.

When the weather hints of spring, as it has this past week, my motivation to clean, organize, and freshen up soars.  My motivation to complete actual work plummets, however, so there's probably a net yield of zero in terms of motivational increase.  Law of Conservation of Motivation, or something.

Clothes that were welcome and cozy in September and October now seem dull, drab, and entirely too familiar.  In short: I want to overhaul my wardrobe.  Out with the old; in with the new.

And when I say new, what I mean is that I just bought skinny jeans.  (Thank you, local college students who sell your gently-used clothing to our resale shop so I can pick off cheap items that you no longer deem fashionable.)  I wore them today with a striped tee shirt and a pendant necklace -- and, I'll admit, I felt rather cute.

My husband adheres to the premise that skinny jeans are odd-looking.  Perhaps he's right, but I'm getting suckered into the trend.  They're nice for tucking into high boots, for certain, and I think I pulled them off today with flats.

Now, given this, I recognize that this space will not suddenly morph into a fashion blog.

When my criteria for clothes indicate that cost, comfort, and the ability to be laundered to remove stains and encrusted Play Doh are equally as important as style, I'm clearly no expert.  But, gosh, I did feel cute today.

Here's to swinging into spring...

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  1. You did look cute!  I am going on a business trip to Fla. with my hubby in April.   I have been trying to find some more sophisticated, less mom-like outfits to wear and it has become painfully clear that I have no clue about fashion! 

  2. You look great Robin!  I bought my first pair of skinny jeans about 2 weeks ago on sale to go with some knee boots I also bought on sale.  I guess I am getting them on winter clearance, so I am not sure if I will wear the jeans for the spring/summer just yet.  I am so slow with trends and have fought the skinny jean, but I have to say that 1)you did look very cute and 2)they do go very well with the knee boots, almost a must (since my other jeans kind of look funny with all of this extra fabric around the knee area.  But I also hear you with the affordability and must come clean of  kid dirt!

  3. you are stylin' :-)

  4. You definitely pulled off the skinny jeans!  

  5. smoothstonesMarch 16, 2012

    You look fabulous, Dahling.

  6. MommywithselectivememoryMarch 16, 2012

    You look great!! I think only tallish people can pull off skinny jeans....or at least you must have nice long legs!!

  7. Oh, I love you and I'll cherish this compliment.  The truth of the matter is that I'm just 5 foot 2, and my legs are actually quite short!  It must be an illusion, but I'll take it!

  8. Wendy, way to take the plunge into the trend, too!  We may be slow, but at least we arrived!  :)


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