Short and Sweet: Related?

Why I questioned my daughter's identity in 100 of fewer words:

"After dinner, I think that I should take you girls out for ice cream."

My six-year-old thinks about my statement for a moment, gestures outside toward the wintery conditions, and comments, "I'm not sure if it's a good day for ice cream because it's so cold and snowy.  Maybe you could just give us cookies."

Too cold for ice cream?  That thought never has crossed my mind.  Not once.

This marked the only time in my child's nearly 2,500 days of life that I questioned whether we were related.

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  1. mercy mathewsFebruary 11, 2012

    Something almost similar happened yesterday. My twins had a bad stomach but we had to attend a wedding reception. I overheard them telling my mom that they won't have dessert coz the doctor told them to avoid sweets. When did 7 year olds get so wise when it comes to resisting temptation! :)

  2. Now, the optimal solution is to get a hot fudge sundae and snuggle in a cozy blanket while eating it in front of a crackling fire!  Reese will eventually learn the art of advanced problem solving involving ice cream!

  3. I am in utter agreement to your comment, Jennifer.  Spot on.

  4. Your kids have mastered more control that I have, for certain!

  5. This reminds me of my oldest girl.  Once she asked to have leftover broccoli for dessert instead what the rest of us were having.  I thought to myself, "This person cannot have possibly come forth from my loins..."
    Stay strong, eventually your daughter will see the light.


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