Short and Sweet: A Bad Winter

Redefining "bad winter" in 100 or fewer words:

"Why has this winter been so bad?" Reese asks as she kicks at the ground with her foot while we wait for the school bus.

Based on the first few words out of my mouth, it's so evident that I'm filtering her question through the lens of adulthood, not the lens of a first grader.

Bad?  What's been bad about this winter?  Despite a few notably cold stretches, it's been relatively mild.  There have been no snow days to make up.  We've never needed to run the snow blower.  Why, I've hardly had to shovel.

Reese looks at me when I finish my list.

"See?  I told you it's been a bad winter. "

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  1. Awe, I'm sorry it's been a bad winter for her - it's been a "bad" (very limited cold and snow) for me here in Indiana too :) 

  2. So cute! Sometimes we all need a little perspective I suppose. 

  3. Jennifer HeptinstallFebruary 29, 2012

    This is precious!  My boys agree that the lack of snow this winter have put a damper on their winter joy.

    To answer your question...My half marathon isn't until April.  I would be ready before then.  I wish I could find one sooner that I could fit into my schedule. 

  4. Danielle CooperMarch 01, 2012

    So cute, I love it.


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