How to Frame Something Meaningful

At the risk of sounding like a geeky blogger who enjoys words and letters, let me confess that I'm a geeky blogger who enjoys words and letters.  They're just so useful, you know?

I also have a penchant for decorating, so I've merged these two interests to bring you today's How To post, which is about filling your picture frames with something meaningful besides pictures.

For example, when I was in the Christmas spirit last month, I substituted the three photos in this frame with a simple greeting.  Two pages of scrapbook paper (one for the background, and another for the letters), an exacto knife, and a steady hand were the only materials necessary.

If you think JOY is too holiday-specific beyond the month of December, you always could change up the background paper.  (Joy never goes out of season, right?)  I opted to alter the phrasing slightly.  Now, each time I walk up the stairs to do laundry, I'll be greeted with a reminder to "choose joy."

Or you could select another word to showcase.  But I'll warn you: using only three letters is limiting.  Not only does it relegate you to low Scrabble scores, but also it minimizes potential phrases worthy of framing.  "Seize the DAY"?  "I don't own a CAT"?  "EAT more ice cream"?  I'm entirely at a loss. 

Maybe you'll do better.

My favorite wall art idea, however, is depicted in this frame below where I spelled our last name with pictures of letters from places that are significant for our family.

The "K" is from a favorite building on campus, the "R" is from the restaurant where Joel and I had our first date, the "A" is from our university, the "M" is from the hospital where our daughters were born, the "E" is from a local dairy that makes the best milkshakes, and the final "R" is from our church.

Good luck to you if you have a last name like VonSunderlandcamp.  This only works for those economic last names with six letters or fewer.  (Miller's and Smith's are sighing in relief.)

Happy decorating -- make them memorable!


  1. smoothstonesJanuary 20, 2012

    Hey, are you on Pinterest?

  2. ByrnecarrieJanuary 20, 2012

    I'm racking my brain 

  3. ByrnecarrieJanuary 20, 2012

    Let me finish my last thought...

    I'm racking my brain trying to think of campus buildings with the letter K in them.  

  4. Mind reader. Sophie wants her room changed. It's now yellow with a border of pretty flowers in pink and purple. She wants Spiderman. Included in this room is her name in nice big scrapbooked letters. We were in there reading and saying prayer tonight and I looked at the letters, wondering what to do with them when we redecorate. You're a genius.

  5. So let me get this straight:  you're an excellent writer, fantastic mother, career lady, AND you're crafty enough to wield an exacto knife?  I'm so not worthy to be your friend.  

  6. Um, just think for a moment about the fact that you're an effective educator of your three fabulous children, an amazing writer, and you're kind of my hero with canning.  And funny counts for bonus.  :)

  7. This is just fabulous that you're mixing florals with Spiderman.  (I like Sophie a great deal.)  Glad that this was useful for you!

  8. Sparks.  :)

    That's where my office is located now.  And, more importantly, the "K" was super cool.

  9. I am not!  But I hear that Pinterest is amazing.  I haven't yet gone there and I'm not sure why I'm reticent.  Perhaps because I think I'll get too caught up?  What do you think of it?

  10. Pinterest is amazing.  And it is true for a couple of weeks you will go crazy pinning and repining all sorts of amazing things.  But then your common sense resurfaces somewhat and the Pinterest fever abates.  I even went one whole week without checking out Pinterest.  But it is great for craft ideas and recipes.

  11. Those are so cute!


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