Where Do You Keep the Fish Poison?

During high school and my first year in college I worked as a cashier in a large discount drug store called Phar-Mor.  (Think: contents of a CVS or Rite Aid in the size of a Wal-Mart.)  I quickly learned one thing:

While walking to the back of the store while on break, always take off your red Phar-Mor vest.

The reason?  If I didn't, inevitably I'd be stopped by a customer and asked the location of random merchandise that I wouldn't know.  Where do you have your door stoppers?  What about wooden clothespins -- not the kind that you pinch with the metal coil, but the kind that is one piece?  A Neti-Pot?  How about an orthopedic occupational wrist support?

Suffice to say, I would have been a mess if I had faced these guys:

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  1. Oh my gosh. Just shows how much time they take vetting employees at these stores, eh.

  2. Love how the female employee at least ACTS like she knows where almost everything is!! Hilarious!

  3. this video is just hilarious!!! best thing ive seen on youtube in a long time. I'd love to have the ability to do such a thing, but i think I'd die laughing reading the items. As for the employees, I'm so glad im not them :)

  4. Oh girl, I was JUST talking to a friend about how we used to shop at Phar-mor in highschool! What ever happened to those?? Hope your week is going well!


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