Taking Things Literally

Blog Pause Day 9: Why is this post worth revisiting?  Simple.  It's short.  It's sweet.  It's one of the favorite things any of my children have said.  Ever.

Originally posted April 23, 2011

Brooke lies on the floor, lost in imagination as she hums and flies a Strawberry Shortcake figurine through the air in front of her.  She doesn't see it coming.  No one does.  Kerrington, the baby who has committed no wrong up to this point except for diaper explosions, crawls toward her and performs her first act of violence.

She lifts her still-pudgy baby hand and whacks Brooke's forehead surprisingly hard.

They look at each other, stunned.  Brooke yelps, sits up, clenches her jaw, and lifts both arms in protest. 

I quickly touch her arm in restraint.  "Brooke," I remind.  "Don't hit her back."

She looks at me for one moment.  "What about hitting her head?"

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  1. This is a precious moment! So glad you got it recorded before it was lost in that place that cute memories like these tend to go if they aren't written down.

  2. That is adorable! I am sure with 2 little girls of my own, I will hear something to that effect in the near future. I am sure you couldnt help but laugh even though you were being serious about not smacking back.


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