Matter of Perspective

When your three-and-a-half year old commandeers the camera, it's fascinating to download your next batch of pictures.  We found one photo of a suspicious little sister.

Thirty close-up shots of a Tinkerbell backpack.  (I'll spare you the other twenty-nine.)

Her limited backseat view, which mostly constitutes of my right elbow.

Her shoe.  It sparkles, she reminds us on a regular basis.  Obviously she's preserving this for posterity.

And sundry other photos of the ceiling, the floor, the steps, close-ups of what I think is our screen door, and this fluffy item, which resembles her stuffed puppy.

It's all in the eye of the beholder.

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  1. Her photography is so much better than mine. Does she give lessons?

  2. Always interesting to see things from their point of view!


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