Why I Love Our GPS

Although some people -- those people who love maps and those who innately are directionally inclined -- may frown at this declaration, I love my GPS.  This past weekend I embarked on road trip to visit friends, and one of the most remarkable features of the drive was a voice.  Not my own, but that of the GPS woman.

She's so insistently friendly.

In what other situations does a happy pinging sound mark every time you've made a right choice?  In many ways, I felt more validated during my four-hour drive than I've felt in months.  Ping!  You're going the right direction.  Ping!  You've successfully merged onto the correct exit.  Ping!  You've arrived at your destination.

I'd love to have this audible support in regular life.  Ping!  Way to go, Robin, on navigating that disciplining with just the right balance of firmness and grace.  Ping!  Yet again, a successful lesson taught where student comprehension skyrocketed because of your masterful handling of instruction.  Ping!  Disaster averted because you, amazing woman, remembered to a sign permission slip, pack a lunch, and return library books in one fell swoop.

I need a life GPS.

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  1. xD I too love GPSs. I have a great sense of direction when I am in my home town but outside of that I'm hopeless. And I remember us getting lost when I was a kid and the ensuing chaos when we had no cell phone to call the person for directions etc.

  2. We have a GPS and it's sitting on the piano, yet to be installed. Can you please tell me more about that balance of firmness and grace.

  3. Love this post, how very true. Especially with guiding children...

  4. I absolutely would not have survived my first 3 years living in the DC Area without our GPS.

  5. Mom Chef, you've got to install that thing!

    About that balance of firmness and grace, it's totally hit or miss. That's another reason why a "life" GPS would be great. I'd get messages like, "make a legal u-turn immediately because you're absolutely about to lose your temper."

    Hopefully I'd heed these messages! ;)

    Carrie, I'm not sure if I'd survive three years around the Capital Beltway even IF I had a GPS.

  6. I too love my GPS but I loved your post even more. Thanks for making me LOL..... P.S We traveled to England last summer and while in the car rental office the very nice represenative kept asking if we wanted a "SAT NAV". I asked her to repeat herself several times with her adorable accent until I realized she meant satellite navigation (they shorten it to SAT NAV). It just sounds so much fancier the English way don't you think? :)


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